The Neocanna Advantage

The Neocanna Advantage


Most supplements, especially water-soluble, release a large amount of ingredients all at once, flooding the body with more than it can process efficiently. Liniex Technology is a quantum leap forward in addressing the age old problem of peaks and valleys. Products that contain Liniex Technology cost less over time and produce the intended result.

However, we didn’t just stop at a 24-hour release. Our research and development team went one step further and created a unique bi-layer CBD tablet.

Why 24 Hour CBD?:

Patients using CBD to treat certain diseases and ailments, or for pain, inflammation and nausea, as well as consumers who take it as a daily preventative (“supplement”) against possible future health related issues, should be aware that recent evidence, including several clinical trials, have shown that lower doses of CBD often provide better results than higher doses. Smaller doses appear to enhance the endocannabinoid system, whereby large doses of CBD can cause the endocannabinoid system to down-regulate, making receptors less responsive to CBD. There are several online articles and clinical trials supporting this theory, including;

With the vast majority of CBD products on the market today a bell-shaped dose-response curve typically occurs. This happens when a formulation releases all of its CBD (or other cannabinoids) within a very short window of time. With bell-shaped doses therapeutic benefits can decline dramatically when the amount of CBD (or other cannabinoids) exceeds a certain point in the bloodstream.

Based on this recent science, our R&D team developed NeoCanna, an innovative industry first CBD tablet that eliminates the bell-shaped dose-response curve seen in other products. Our tablets are designed to release smaller doses of CBD each hour instead of a large amount all at once like virtually all of our competitors. Our tablets provide a longer lasting, steady, continuous effect with less waste (urinary or fecal excretion of unused CBD and/or other cannabinoids).

Our patent pending, bi-layer tablet is also the only CBD tablet that offers both immediate and 24 hour time release features. The immediate release side of the tablet contains 1/5th of the CBD load and releases it in the first 4 hours. The time release side contains the remaining 4/5ths and is delivered slowly and consistently over 24 hours.


NeoCanna uses standardized, pharmaceutical quality CBD that exceeds 99% purity in every tablet. To be considered “pharmaceutical quality”, a product must test at over 99% pure. We provide reliable, measurable, consistent time release CBD products of the highest quality and purity by using only standardized CBD that is assayed by licensed, accredited analytical laboratories.


Verification of the actual amount of CBD, its purity and tablet dissolution are essential for achieving dosing reliability and product efficacy. Our stringent quality control process guarantees that you are getting the same, reliable amount of CBD in every dose.

NeoCanna’s pharmaceutical quality CBD tablets ensure your safety. Pesticides, heavy metals, humic acid, chemical fertilizers and dangerous microbes may contaminate CBD paste and oil products. Pesticides may cause neurotoxicity, posing a threat to the health of children with epilepsy, or anyone using CBD oils or paste that suffers from neurological disorders. Physicians have reported several cases of bacterial infections, apparently from the use of CBD oil and paste products. Regardless of the possible harmful additives that may be in your average CBD product, NeoCanna has eliminated them with our third party tested, 99+% pure CBD formulation.

There is no other CBD product that is more convenient than NeoCanna. Taken just once a day, enjoy the benefits of CBD for 24 hours.

Some of the biggest problems with CBD products are completely resolved due to NeoCanna’s innovative nature. Top CBD issues facing consumers include:

  • Having to take CBD several times a day
  • Difficult to measure and administer via dropper
  • Inconsistent and inaccurate doses
  • Differing results
  • Bad tasting oils and/or pastes
  • Messy, sticky, smelly products

The clean and clinical nature of NeoCanna allows you to swallow a small tablet that is completely smell and taste free. No more sti



CBD is extracted in oil form from the hemp plant. From there, it can be left in oil form to be administered by dropper, smoked in a vaporizer (called “vaping”) or added to food or drinks as a supplement. CBD oil can also be made into a paste that can be consumed as a food or even put into capsules that can be swallowed.

What Makes NeoCanna Different?

Our 99%+ pure CBD is extracted from US grown industrial hemp oil. The oil is then put through a patent-pending four-stage CO2 extraction process to remove all the cuticle plant wax and humic acid. Producing a guaranteed 99%+ pure and chemical free CBD powder. This 99%+ pure powder is then put through a process that makes the powder water soluble, dramatically increasing the bioavailability of the CBD. Resulting in greater absorption and effectiveness of the CBD in the body. This CBD powder is then pressed into our patented bi-layer tablets.

In Summary:
Step 1 – Extract the oil from US grown industrial hemp
Step 2 – Four-stage CO2 extraction process producing 99%+ pure and chemical free CBD powder. No more wondering what’s in your dose!!
Step 3 – Water-soluble process – Ensuring enhanced absorption in the body.
Step 4 – Bi-Layer process – Combing the Liniex 24-Hr release technology to the water-soluble 99%+ pure CBD powder creating our bi-layer tablet.

Unlike other CBD tablets or capsules, CBD oil tinctures or pastes, our tablets eliminate the need for dosing multiple times throughout the day and night to maintain consistent CBD levels in the body. With virtually all other CBD products on the market, there is a spike of CBD in the bloodstream, followed by a steep decline. Along with inconsistent levels, resulting in less effectiveness and more waste.

Why is water-soluble so much better?

Simple. In order for a supplement to have an effect within the body on a cellular level it needs to first be absorbed into the bloodstream. Taken orally, a water-soluble supplement can be absorbed through the mouth, stomach, small intestine, and the large intestine, where-as the vast majority of lipid-soluble (oil/fat) absorption only occurs in the short intestine.

Because we use a standardized dose combined with a 24-Hour time-release, you don’t need to take as many milligrams of a NeoCanna product. Slowly and surely, Liniex trickles an exact dose of the purest CBD into your bloodstream, allowing your body to utilize more, maximizing effectiveness, minimizing waste and saving you money.

NeoCanna is setting the New Standard in dosing and delivery.

Less Is More…

Most other CBD products on the market are in lipid form (oil/fat). Taking 10 mgs of oil based CBD versus 10 mgs of water soluble CBD, only 1, 2, possibly 3 mgs of the oil based CBD might find its way into the bloodstream. With water soluble CBD 8, 9 or 10 mgs might enter. One thing is assured, a much greater amount of water soluble CBD will be absorbed than CBD in oil form. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for oil based or fat-soluble supplements to get absorbed into the bloodstream in the large intestine. We solve that problem. Utilizing water-soluble CBD with Liniex 24 Hour Time Release Technology, our NeoCanna CBD tablets get ‘uptake’ in the large intestine, where others just don’t. Our unique ability to slowly and consistently release CBD as the tablet works its way through the small intestine, large intestine, and colon, is the defining factor that separates NeoCanna CBD from all of our competitors.


NeoCanna uses Liniex Technology to bring you a once-a-day tablet. When you take a product without this technology, the result is a spike of the ingredient in the bloodstream, followed by a steep decline. Too much means there is waste, too little means there’s no therapeutic effect, and it’s time for another dose. Such large and numerous portions aren’t fully utilized. NeoCanna’s unique delivery technology solves this problem of “ingredient overload”.

In our opinion, CBD molecules are best delivered to the body slowly over a long period of time, unlike almost all CBD products on the market today. A consistent release allows the body to benefit more from the ingredients within the tablet – especially our readily absorbed water-soluble CBD, as opposed to fat-soluble CBD, which is absorbed by the body with much less efficiency.

Most supplements, especially water-soluble, release a large amount of ingredients all at once, flooding the body with more than it can process efficiently. Liniex is a quantum leap forward in addressing the age old problem of peaks and valleys. Products that contain Liniex are apt to cost less while having better efficacy, which is the ability to produce the intended result.

Because we use a standardized dose combined with a 24 hr time-release, you don’t need to take as many milligrams of a NeoCanna product as you do other CBD products. Slowly and surely, Liniex trickles an exact dose of the purest CBD into your bloodstream, allowing your body to utilize more, therefore minimizing waste and saving you money!