Take 1 capsule 3 times daily with food or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Have you ever read a statement like that on your vitamin or supplement bottles? Of course you have. You’re a health-conscious consumer. You read labels. You stay up to date with the latest health trends. You know that if you take a supplement, you are going to get that supplement into your bloodstream right away. In fact, you may get so much in your system at once, you’ll most likely pee some of it away! So naturally, you understand that if you don’t take your supplement the prescribed amount of times during the day, your body will not benefit from the proper amounts of vitamins, minerals, or even cannabidiol.

You’re about to be introduced to “The Beauty of Once-a-Day”. This ground-breaking concept has now come to the world of cannabidiol, made possible by Liniex 24 Hour Release Technology, and found only in NeoCanna CBD products. You’ll also discover how The Beauty of Once-a-Day is the best form of nutrient delivery for your body, that it can save you money, and it will make matters much more convenient.


1. Consistent presence of CBD in the body provides you with the most benefit.

When you ALWAYS have cannabidiol in your body at a consistent level – that’s a good thing. Traditionally, to ALWAYS have a particular vitamin, nutrient, or even cannabidiol in your system, it meant that you had to take the oil, paste, or capsule several times per day. It is this inefficient process that NeoCanna has eliminated. Imbued with Liniex 24 Hour Time Release Technology, you can now take your CBD supplement ONCE PER DAY!

No more timing your doses, no more packing around your CBD oil as you go about your daily routine, and no more concern over having to miss a dose either. And what’s more is that when you have a consistent presence of CBD in your system at all times, you benefit most from it. The peaks and valleys of nutrient overload are over with NeoCanna CBD tablets – you take one tablet per day and enjoy its benefits consistently, as opposed to a huge (wasteful) rush of CBD, then unpredictable and inconsistent amounts for the remainder.

Our patent pending, bi-layer tablet is the only CBD tablet that provides both immediate and 24 hour time release. The immediate release side of the tablet contains 20% of the tablet’s CBD and releases it in the first 4 hours. The time release side contains the remaining 80% and is delivered predictably and consistently over 24 hours. Taking your CBD dose once per day will ensure that your body is always benefitting from cannabidiol.


2. Once-a-Day is Cheaper!

The only way most supplements can be in your system all day is to take them at prescribed intervals throughout your day. We’ve discussed how if you don’t take other CBD products at least a few times per day, you will not be benefiting from CBD’s consistent presence. So let’s talk about something that affects every consumer – price. You’ve been told by supplement companies to “take three times per day” so you can always have the nutrient on board all day. This makes sense, but it’s also a fantastic way for you, the consumer, the one paying for the vitamin, supplement, or CBD, to finish that bottle THREE TIMES quicker so you have to buy another one sooner.

Smart move by the producer of said product, not so good for your bank account. Imagine having to take only one tablet, one time per day. You’ve just divided your costs by a factor of three (depending on another CBD company’s recommended dosage). The Beauty of Once-a-Day is not only a way to maintain consistent, beneficial levels of CBD in your body all day and night, but it can save you money in the process. So, better performance and less expense? Yes, it is possible, with NeoCanna CBD tablets.


3. More Convenient = Better

You’re a CBD user, or at least considering it. You’re well aware of the possible benefits this “drug” can provide for you, if you haven’t experienced them already. Maybe you’ve tried CBD oil, and had to measure your dose with a dropper. Maybe you’ve spilled it while doing so and had to deal with the mess and smell!

While CBD oil in general is a fantastic product, there are better, more innovative ways in which it can be delivered. For the production of NeoCanna CBD tablets, our mission was clear – produce the most effective, non-intrusive CBD supplement for your lifestyle. No more guesswork will be required as to how much CBD you are receiving, as in tincture, oil or paste forms of CBD. Forget having to pack around vials of oil in your daily quest to keep re-dosing, not to mention never looking at the clock again in order to perfectly time your CBD intake. Also, many CBD consumers feel like they are enslaved by their massive daily requirements simply to have CBD in their system all day, and feel put off by messy, smelly, and let’s be honest, not very tasty oils and pastes.

With our 99%+ pure, water-soluble CBD powder pressed into NeoCanna tablets, all of these concerns are eliminated. An always-accurate dosage, coupled with Liniex 24 Hour Time Release Technology makes NeoCanna tablets the most convenient CBD product in existence. And convenience, combined with increased quality, is always better.

A new era in cannabidiol is upon us, with NeoCanna bringing the amazing therapeutic benefits of CBD to the masses in a professional and clinical manner. The Beauty of Once-a-Day is now a reality in the CBD space. With NeoCanna you will experience all-day CBD coverage, a more cost-effective CBD product, and optimum convenience well-suited to your busy lifestyle. All of this – with once-a-day dosing.

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