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dr-freeman“There is mounting evidence that hemp derived extracts containing CBD have anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits. Physicians are increasingly recommending CBD as a complementary and alternative therapy for relief for from symptoms such as pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety. In particular, CBD appears to provide significant benefit with respect to chronic pain.”

Dr. Kalev Freeman M.D. Ph.D

dr-allen“The discovery of the Endocannabinoid system is the single most important medical scientific discovery Ever and will save more lives than the application of surgical technique.”

Dr. David Allen – Retired Cardiac Surgeon Cannabinoid Research Scientist

dr-woman“(CBD) has very strong anti-inflammatory properties and not only does it help to suppress inflammation but there was a study that showed that it also helps the body to not make the chemical that causes inflammation, so it actually has somewhat of a preventive role.

Cannabidiol has also been found to have anti-convulsive properties in that it can reduce the seizure threshold for a number of patients… having less episodes of their seizures… CBD has also been found to cause cancer cells to “commit suicide” while preserving the normal cells and what appears to happen is it appears to bind to the receptors on the cancer cells which then reduce the cancer cell to kill itself… has also been found to be bi-phasic in terms of sleep, so at low doses it’s what we call alerting and kind of keeps you awake.

At high doses it can be very sedating and cause you to sleep… there have been a number of studies that have looked Cannabidiol (CBD) exerting a protective property to damaged neurons and it appears that in the studies CBD protects the nerves by inhibiting the process by which neurons are damaged. CBD has also been shown to protect against brain injury when patients have had a brain injury, CBD appears to protect the brain from damage that occurred to the nerve cells.”

Dr. Bonni Goldstein M.D.

“The idea is if you’re going to take CBD you want to start with a small dose and gradually increase what you’re taking until you’re feeling relief from the symptoms that you have and then allow the CBD to start to treat the problem… The whole idea with the CBD is it’s going to help to heal the problem…Most of the patients that I have on (CBD) right now are anxiety, sleep disorders, cancer and then kids with autism.”

Dr David Hicks

“We have been terribly and systematically misled (about cannabis) for nearly 70 years in the United States and I apologize for my role in that… it has been a legitimate medicine for at least 3000 year.”

Dr Sanjay Gupta – CNN Chief Medical Correspondent