A new phase in alternative healthcare is upon us, and cannabidiol, or CBD, is at the forefront. Deemed one of the next big things to hit the healthcare field, CBD has been studied and linked to numerous ailments as an effective treatment. CBD research in cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, and many more has shown promise as an alternative to big pharma prescriptions that carry negative side effects.

CBD on the other hand, has revealed zero side effects. As great as a natural product derived from completely legal industrial hemp sounds, current options in the marketplace have their limitations. NeoCanna Technologies Inc. takes these problems and eliminates them in an all-new, innovative, and scientific way. NeoCanna is a 24 hour time release, pharmaceutical quality CBD supplement, conveniently made into a small tablet. No other CBD product is as effective, safe, or reliable as NeoCanna, the new standard in CBD dosing and delivery.



Around the Clock Release of CBD

NeoCanna’s revolutionary new nutrient delivery system is a first of its kind in the cannabidiol industry. Liniex 24 Hour Time Release provides consistent release of CBD every hour, day and night. The human body can only process a certain amount of nutrient at any given time, and the endocannabinoid system, responsible for appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory among others, is no exception.

When we take a CBD supplement and it hits our stomach, we get hit with a large spike of nutrient, often far more than the body can actually process at any given time. Then, the body naturally excretes any nutrients it can’t handle or that it considers surplus. After a few hours, the CBD is gone – either used up or excreted. NeoCanna’s advanced bi-layer tablet releases 1/5 of the CBD immediately, to give a kick-start to your day, and your endocannabinoid system.

Then, our Liniex 24 Hour Release Technology delivers the balance of the CBD consistently, for the rest of the day and night, to ensure your body always has CBD on board where it can do the good you want it to. Now considering that NeoCanna CBD delivers CBD to your body in this way, and other delivery systems leave your body without CBD after a few hours, which CBD supplement serves the best interest of your health? And, which CBD product is of the greatest value? One dose, once-a-day, for full 24 hour coverage.



Purity, Reliability, Safety

NeoCanna is a pharmaceutical quality product derived from industrial hemp and is over 99% pure, guaranteed. CBD has traditionally been served to consumers in oil form, which has its downsides. Lower bioavailability, inexact dosage, and unpredictable batches are all limitations to CBD oils. NeoCanna avoids these pitfalls by turning CBD oil into powder form, and then pressing it into tablets. This way, each and every pill has the precise amount of CBD that it is intended to have, leaving no guessing on your part, as with inaccurate oil droppers.

The purity of NeoCanna CBD is formulated and third party tested to be over 99% pure, which means no pesticides, heavy metals, humic acid, or any other additives that can harm your body. Also, the human body absorbs water-soluble products much easier than oil-based ones. This higher level of bioavailability is another hallmark of the NeoCanna; with the more advanced absorption provided by 24 hour time release, combined with water solubility, you can be assured that your CBD is never wasted.

CBD oil products can spoil in storage and shipping, and can be even experience microbial contamination, which can cause upset stomach or worse. NeoCanna prides itself on being pure, reliable, and safe – and we deliver on that promise with our pharma grade CBD tablets.



Making Your Life Easier

There is no CBD product on the market today that is more convenient than NeoCanna. Imbued with Liniex 24 Hour Time Release Technology, NeoCanna tablets need to be taken just once a day to enjoy the benefits of CBD all day and night. Being a pharmaceutical quality and solid form of CBD, NeoCanna is free from all of the downsides of flowers, oils, pastes, tinctures, and is much less expensive than patches. Imagine having to take your CBD supplement only one single time, and not having to remember to take other doses at exactly the right times. Because of this, you won’t need to pack around messy and odorous oils either. The clean and clinical nature of NeoCanna allows you to swallow a small tablet that is completely smell and taste free. No more smells, no more mess, and no more bad taste in your mouth with NeoCanna.



Our Pledge to You

NeoCanna is at the leading edge of a new era in cannabidiol consumption. As the medical marijuana and cannabidiol industries flourish, so too do the amount of companies and products that are attempting to profit from this phenomenon. Instead of these new players providing competition that will bring to the consumer the best products at the lowest prices, the CBD industry is now full of false promises and low-quality or even dangerous products. NeoCanna is out to fix that problem.

We have standardized the CBD dose by using precise amounts, and use our proprietary delivery technology, Liniex, to release your CBD for a full 24 hours. Once-a-day dosing combined with 99%+ pure water-soluble CBD makes NeoCanna the most effective and convenient CBD supplement on the market.

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